Broward condo residents say management company leaves bills unpaid and problems unsolved

Article Courtesy of  Channel 7 WSVN News

By Kevin Ozebek

Published October 7, 2022


A company was hired to help run a Broward County condo community, but a group of unhappy owners says there is no help to be found. 7’s Kevin Ozebek investigates.

Welcome to Windmill Lakes in Pembroke Pines. From a distance, it looks like a beautiful community, but residents say, look closer.

Bianca Gomez: “There’s many issues starting from the roof, it’s halfway done, garbage issues.”

And that’s not the worst of it.

Windmill Lakes is made up of five sections, called “phases.”

Bianca Gomez owns a unit in phase three. She and her neighbors recently found out the property insurance for their buildings was cancelled.


Bianca Gomez: “The answer from the agency was that it was canceled for nonpayment.”

This notice shows the insurance policy for Windmill Lakes phase three was terminated back on June 6. The cancellation came because of an overdue balance of $16,918.14.

Bianca is afraid she and her neighbors will be stuck with that bill.

Bianca Gomez: “So that’s going to be extra money.”

Since 2014, BDM Property Management LLC has worked with the Windmill Lakes Homeowners Association to run the entire community, but over the past few years, residents say there has been a breakdown in communication.

Shelisa Anderson: “You just can’t get anything from them. They don’t reply to their emails. They don’t reply to anything.”

We found this notice for a nearly $6,000 unpaid water bill posted at their abandoned clubhouse. Residents are now wondering if other bills haven’t been paid.

That’s because the trash is piling up, and many roofs are unfinished.

Jeamy Santa: “So we don’t have any meetings, any board meeting that we can actually participate in.”

State records show there are only three officers on the Windmill Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc. We reached out to them, but only one responded.

She told 7News that she actually resigned late last year.

Steve: “The financial concerns and the accountability is the biggest concern, and we don’t see that here in the community.”

Since Windmill Lakes residents say they couldn’t get answers from BDM management, we tried for them, but when we came here to their office, no one answered the door.

When we tried to call…

Kevin Ozebek: “We’re trying to figure out … just hung up on me.”

Bianca Gomez: “Where are we going to end up as a community and homeowners? A lot of people here work hard to get what they have and have a place.”

With the peak of hurricane season here and no insurance for several buildings, residents fear they’re in for a storm of trouble.

In a statement, an attorney for BDM wrote:

“All thirteen of the buildings managed by BDM are all current on their bills and are all insured … Regarding the insurance on the property, the prior insurance was canceled due to an exponential premium increase and BDM actually assisted the board in securing a new insurance policy through a different agent at a significantly lower rate. As for the roofs not being completed, there was a supply shortage in tile which was outside of BDM’s control. At this time, the roofs have all been completed and all tile is in place.

Lastly, as for trash piling up, the association does not receive a bulk trash removal service from the city and has to pay sub-contractors to remove items that are left behind from renters who are either evicted or whose leases are not renewed by their landlords. The bulk trash pictured by WSVN was located inside phase four, again, a property not managed by BDM.”