One man needs the debris in his Cape Coral neighborhood gone.

He said the City of Cape Coral is taking too long so now he and his condo association are taking matters into their own hands, spending thousands of dollars to get rid of it.

The debris is slowing the process of the condos getting fixed.

The Sunnybrook Condominiums in Cape Coral are surrounded by mountains of mattresses, furniture and appliances.

“It’ll be four weeks Wednesday since the hurricane,” said Dave Thomas, the president of the Sunnybrook Condominium Association. “We have had no debris pick up.”

“We’ve even had to put up a no-through traffic sign because of all of the FedEx, UPS and Amazon trucks, we get several times a day, all three of them are here at the same time. And again, with all this debris, they cannot maneuver around the streets.”

The Cape Coral Interactive Debris Map is divided into six separate sections.

Sunnybrook condominiums has a debris problem in Cape Coral.

It places Sunnybrook Condominium under orange, which means, there is a first pass in progress.

“There’s been one truck down on Tower Avenue, the main street down the road here. It’s been the same truck working down there for four days now. So if it’s just one truck, we figured it’d be a month before it gets to this end of the block,” Thomas said.

And he said they can’t wait that long.

“The association is responsible basically for sheet rock, flooring, lower cabinets being replaced, and the major appliances, but we can’t take that step far and allow a contractor to come in with trailers and workers until we have the trash picked up. Otherwise, we have no room for people here, we have a lab that we have 28 units here,” Thomas said.

An area of the map marked with 1st pass completed had most of its debris picked up.

Thomas said they approved a private contractor to remove the debris.

It will likely cost at least $20,000.