Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hanzman granted preliminary approval May 28 to just over $1 billion in settlements over the collapse of a condominium in Surfside in June 2021.

The settlements resolve most of the class action claims brought by victims of the Champlain Towers South disaster, including the families of the 98 people who died, those who survived, and property owners. A final hearing to approve the settlement is scheduled for June 23, but it will take several more months for the judge to decide how to distribute the money among the victims.

For the first time, the plaintiffs' motion for a settlement disclosed how much each of the parties agreed to pay. The plaintiffs' counsel, led by Marley S. Tropin and Rachel W. Furst, filed claims against parties involved in the inspection, management and maintenance of the Champlain Towers South, as well as the construction of neighboring condominium Eighty Seven Park. They alleged that work on Eighty Seven Park caused damaged to Champlain Towers South, a claim Eighty Seven Park's developers deny.

None of the parties that reached settlements admitted to any liability. Most of the settlements were covered by insurance. Hanzman said it was better to settle quickly and obtain money for the victims who badly need it than to spend years in litigation with an uncertain outcome.

Here is how the biggest settlements broke down:

  • Securitas Security Services, the security provider for Champlain Towers South, via its insurers: $517.5 million

  • John Moriarty & Associates of Florida, the general contractor for Eighty Seven Park, via insurance: $157 million

  • General commercial insurance for contractors on Eighty Seven Park: $84 million

  • Becker & Poliakoff, the legal counsel for the Champlain South Towers Condo Association, via insurance: $31 million

  • The condo association for Eighty Seven Park, through insurance, $29 million

  • Eighty Seven Park co-developer 8701 Collins Development, through insurance: $28 million

  • NV5, the engineering firm for Eighty Seven Park, via insurance: $25.7 million

  • Western Waterproofing, a vendor for Champlain Towers South, via insurance: $25 million

  • Concrete Protection and Restoration LLC, which inspected Champlain Towers South, via insurance: $11 million

  • Stantec, the architect of Eighty Seven Park: $16.5 million from insurance and $8.5 million directly from Stantec

  • Eighty Seven Park co-developer Bizzi & Partners Development, via insurance: $16 million

  • Morabito Consultants, which examined Champlain Towers South, via insurance: $16 million

  • Sammet Pools, a vendor for Champlain Towers South, via insurance: $9.8 million

  • DeSimone Consulting Engineering, the structural engineer for Eighty Seven Park, via insurance: $8.55 million

  • Tanenbaum Harber of Florida, an insurance company, via insurance: $7 million

  • Geosonic, which monitored construction at Eighty Seven Park, via insurance: $5 million

  • Florida Civil Inc., via insurance: $6.9 million

  • The Town of Surfside, through insurance: $2 million

In addition, the victims of the condo collapse will share the $120 million that Damac Properties paid for the property. The Dubai-based developer recently announced plans for a luxury condominium there.