JACKSONVILLE — It's one of the premier residential buildings in downtown Jacksonville, but one condo owner at the Berkman Plaza has major issues with Berkman's Condo Association. After fighting for more than a year, Nick Rosado reached out to First Coast News for help after he felt ignored by the organization he pays to maintain his building.

Over the past few years Rosado rented out the condo that he owned as an investment property. But one night his tenant sent him a video of water pouring into the condo from the ceiling.

"It was unsafe to live here," says Rosado, "we had to terminate the lease, give her back her money and she moved out."

Water came down from the 10th floor all the way into his 8th floor condo. The water also affected the condo on the floor below his; that condo owner also has issues with the Condo Association.

The result of the water damage was warped floors that were made out of valuable imported wood, destroyed light fixtures and mold. Rosado estimates that the cost to repair the damage will be nearly $100,000. He reached out to the Berkman Plaza Condo Association in the days after the damage in March 2021.

"We've paid our dues and this is not the way we should have been treated after paying our dues for so many years and having to experience this type of damage and to this day we have no resolution," says Rosado. "It almost feels like we've been bullied because we spoke up."

First Coast News also reached out to the person who was the president of the Condo Association when the damage happened. She is still on the Condo Board now, but did not return our calls.  However, in a response to a civil lawsuit filed by Rosado, the Condo Association denied his claims.

"We've had water leaks coming from the pipes from the drainage in the sink, we've had water leaks from this corner over here," says Rosado as he points to various corners of his condo.

Lawyers for the Condo Association offered Rosado a $2,500 settlement, but with repair bills totaling nearly six figures, Rosado denied the settlement offer.