KISSIMMEE – After weeks of repairs, evacuated tenants can now move back home to their Kissimmee condo buildings.

Osceola County spokesperson Chris Brumbaugh said in a statement Wednesday that temporary repairs have been completed at two buildings under Images Condominium Association. He clarified that all buildings are now open for occupancy.

The news comes after four buildings in the complex just off West Osceola Parkway were deemed unsafe by the county earlier this month. Records revealed at least seven other buildings needed repairs.

Photos revealed cracks in the infrastructure, cracked floors and significantly rotted wood framing. Residents also told News 6 walkways seemed unsafe.

Crews jump-started repairs, but construction was delayed after Osceola County officials issued a stop-work order due to permitting issues. A contractor with the county started on repairs, but officials overseeing the work said the contractor did not pull permits. The stop-work order was lifted once the contractor’s plans were approved.

Additional building deemed unsafe at Kissimmee condo complex

“Staff will monitor the buildings and shoring condition monthly, and will also ensure the permanent repairs will be permitted and complete,” Brumbaugh said.