How to prepare your home ahead of hurricane season

Article Courtesy of  WINK NEWS

By Tiffany Rizzo
Published May 15, 2022



Hurricane season begins next month and now is the time to start making those last-minute home preparations to reduce the risk of damage that might leave you displaced.

It could only take one storm to do lasting damage.

Here is a list of tips from experts on how to lower the risk:

  • Have a professional inspect your roof and make needed repairs like fixing loose shingles or tiles and installing or replacing flashing around your skylights

  • Have a new roof installed to the fortified roof standard

  • Install a garage door to withstand the high winds of a potential hurricane

  • Buy and install hurricane shutters

  • Trim your trees and bushes to lower the chances of falling trees damaging your home

  • Lastly, talk to your insurance agent and know what’s in your policy


“Get ready for hurricane season, take out your phone, do a video inventory of everything that’s in your home, that’s a great way to have all of the information that an insurance company is going to need, if you have to make a claim,” said Anne Cope, chief engineer of the Insurance for Business & Home Safety.

Experts say don’t wait until the last minute to get your home ready.