President of Oakland Forest Homeowner Association arrested, charged with grand theft

Article Courtesy of  WSVN Channel 7 Miami

By Nicole Linsalata

Published August 17, 2022



OAKLAND PARK - Homeowners associations are known for collecting cash, but a president at one community is accused of cashing in on a condo crime.

Harry Murphy didn’t show his face while appearing in court Thursday morning.

The 76-year-old is accused of stealing more than $44,000 from the Oakland Forest Homeowner Association, where he is president.

“It was astounding. It was horrifying,” said resident Jo Ellen Gould.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Murphy had been writing personal checks to himself from homeowners association funds, including thousands of dollars that were used to pay for this personal car.

Residents of the association told 7News they had become suspicious about two years ago. When they had received notice, the association’s reserve fund was short of money of about more than half a million dollars.


“I got involved by going around to neighbors saying, ‘Hey, let’s wave it for now, till we find out what happened to all this missing money,'” said resident Rodolfo Price.

“That is something we did get in the mail,” said resident Joseph Lamson, “that supposedly our coffers had run out of money, so if that’s the case, then yeah, that wouldn’t be surprising.”

“We’re in bad shape, and that is going to result in extremely high assessment,” said Gould.

Detectives said residents also became suspicious when records showed that Murphy wrote checks ranging $600 to $20 for “supplies” with no receipts. The information had been turned over the authorities.“I mean, they don’t arrest someone on hearsay,” said Gould. “They arrest someone because of the facts, the documents.”

“One of the checks to Home Depot was like $800. It said, for supplies,” said Price. “Now, you and I both know that you cannot go to Home Depot and spend even $800 on any supplies because there’s taxes involved. Money is my thing, and ultimately he messed with my money, and as a result I said, ‘You know what?’ I asked him a couple of times what’s going on with the money, and he said, ‘The attorneys are taking care of it.’ As a CPA, that doesn’t make any sense today.”

Murphy has been charged with grand theft.

His bond was set at $2,500.

As of 5:30 p.m., Murphy has bonded out of jail.