In Florida, Even A Seemingly Small Unpaid Assessment Can Lead To HOA Foreclosure

Article Courtesy of  Boca News Now

By Litigation Desk

Published August 12, 2022


BOCA RATON — If you live in community with a Homeowners Association, you need to pay all dues and fees on time. If you don’t, no matter how small the amount, your community may foreclose on your home. That’s exactly what’s happening in Boca Chase.

A lawsuit just filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court claims that Vanetta Dally of 10823 Waterberry Drive in Boca Raton has failed to pay fees and dues of $1,125 on a townhouse that was purchased in 2008 for $121,000.

According to the suit, the trouble started when the homeowner failed to make required HOA payments valued at a few hundred dollars earlier this year. As the months passed, the amount owed increased. At the time the lawsuit was filed, the owner owed at least $1125.

No matter how inconsequential the amount may seem, HOA’s may foreclose on your home if you do not pay all fees and dues when required. Homeowner Associations have broad, far-reaching powers in Florida. If your HOA says you must pay, quite simply, you must pay.

Boca Chase HOA is represented by Boca Raton Attorney Daniel Wasserstein. The were no immediate response to the suit filed by the defendant.

The Boca Chase HOA is foreclosing on a home in the community for $1200 in unpaid dues. In Florida, any amount of unpaid fees or dues can lead to HOA foreclosure.